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Being a part of Lindholmen Science Park is being at the center of events. The area is currently home to 375 companies and the site’s diverse operations result in an abundance of ideas. There are plenty of opportunities to network, both in organized forms through the various business networks located in the area, and also through conferences and open meeting spaces.

området Lindholmen Science Park

At Lindholmen Science Park there are both large facilities and smaller, flexible solutions.

Lindholmen Science Park has both large, state-of-the-art premises and smaller, flexible solutions. Discover the benefits of moving to Lindholmen. 

Close to business and academia

Some 375 companies are currently located at Lindholmen Science Park, together with research institutes, university colleges and secondary schools that are part of the day-to-day network. Five global organizations currently have R&D operations here at Lindholmen. Together, this provides a dynamic and inspiring environment with a proximity to both people and expertise.

Visitor Center 

The Visitor Centre is located in the main building, Lindholmspiren 3–5, and provides a professional reception for your guests. As a tenant, the desk helps you with services including taxi bookings, conferences and receiving visitors. 

Knowledge sharing and networks

Lindholmen Science Park actively encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration, and regularly holds free seminars on transportation, ICT and media for everyone who works or studies at Lindholmen. The events are organized by Lindholmen Science Park or by other companies from the area.

Conference and meeting spaces

Lindholmen Conference Centre is a modern meeting space in a high-tech environment with room for more than 1,000 people. Conference facilities are available here for both small meetings and for international conferences and exhibitions. Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel offers both accommodation and conference rooms in an inspiring and modern setting.

Considering the area for an establishment?

Interested in an office space on Lindholmen? Do you want to know more about the area or do you need helt geting in contact with the right real estate agent, contact Hanna Blomdahl, +46(0)76-051 75 42,

Cooperate in Open Arena

There are several networks where you can make contacts, get inspired and find business opportunities at Lindholmen Science Park. Open Arena is the creative meeting space on Lindholmen. Here you meet people who work within Lindholmen Science Park's focus areas and as an employee in a company established on Lindholmen, you can become a key person and gain access to the open environment.