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Find organisations or hotels in the area

Today, about 400 companies have seen the benefits of being established in Lindholmen Science Park's dynamic area. In our business register, you can quickly find the company you are looking to get in contact with. Is your company new to the area? Contact us and we will make sure it is included in the list.

There is currently two hotels in the area and ons is under construction. Here you can read more about them.

Idag har ca 400 företag sett fördelarna med att vara etablerade inom Lindholmen Science Parks dynamiska område. Här finns även två hotell och ett är under byggnation. 

flygbild över lindholmen

Lindholmen Science Parks huvudbyggnad ligger som en knutpunkt för alla verksamheter på området.


Customer and market research
Industrial IT
Technology provider
Other industrial focus
IT Consult
Intellectual Property and Strategy
Engineering software
Products in wireless transfer
Engineering consulting
Product Development
Translation services
Scrum and agile methods
Research and development
Sound production
IT Consulting
IT-Solutions for Product Lifecycle Management
Automotive electronics
Energy efficiency
Software development
Visual experience
Management Consulting
Automotive industry
Healthcare and Life Science
Film production
Supplier to the automotive industry
Movie production
Management consulting on digital transformation
Movie production
Consultants in IT and Business Development
Maritime competence and research
Research, business and education
Medical and rescue
Personal assistance
Engineering and engineering consultancy
Sustainable developement
Radio station
Engineering services
Student caps
Professional education
Lubricating agents sales
Planning and Engineering
Health Center
Vehicle Components
Film and production.
Waste sorting systems
Research and development
Office furniture
Automotive industry
Bank services
Traffic saftey
IT Consult
Energy production
Adventure Travel
Movie production
Customer service
Design and manufacturing
Management consulting
Other industrial focus
Automotive technology and safety systems
Engineering consult
Corporate Investment
Public Affairs & Enviromental
Other industrial focus
Technical consulting