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Getting to Lindholmen

Ferry, bike, car or bus. There are many ways to get to Lindholmen. The ferry takes only 5 minutes from Stenpiren and Bus 16 will take you to Lindholmen in 8 minutes from Central Station.

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Bus 16 runs every 3 minutes at rush hour. The bus takes about 6-8 minutes from stop Nordstan (Central Station) to Lindholmen. You can also take buses 23, 30, 31, 55, 99, 126, 165, 199, 402 and 510. For visitors to the main building at Lindholmspiren 3-5, Lindholmen Conference Centre the nearest stop is "Lindholmen". The stop "Teknikgatan" is close to both the campus and the main building.


The ferry Älvsnabbare is free and runs every 8 minutes between Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren, weekdays between the hours of 07:00 to 18:00. The ride only takes 5 minutes. You can also go by the ferry Älvsnabben that runs between Lilla Bommens Hamn → Stenpiren → Lindholmspiren → Slottsberget → Eriksbergs färjeläge.



Electric bus route 55
Gothenburg’s first route for electric buses runs between Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park via Avenyn, Brunnsparken and Götaälvbron. The buses are silent and emission-free and run on electricity from wind power and hydropower. The bus route is among the most modern in the world. Among other things, passengers can recharge their phones onboard and enter and exit the bus from indoors. Ordinary Västtrafik tickets are used to ride the bus.


It's a nice bike ride to Lindholmen. From the city centre, go by the bridge "Götaälvbron" and then follow the signs to Lindholmen. From the central station it takes about 20 minutes to Lindholmen by bike. It is also possible to go to one of the ferry terminals and take the bike on the ferry to Lindholmen. 

Bicycle maps can be found here

From Landvetter Airport

Take the shuttle bus to Nils Ericsson Terminal (Central Station), it takes about 30 minutes. Go out the west exit to bus stop Nordstan. Bus 16 runs every 3 minutes at rush hour. From Nordstan to Lindholmen takes 6-8 minutes.

Landvetter Airport


Lindholmen Science Park is located in central Gothenburg. It takes about 5-10 minutes from the city centre of Gothenburg to get to Lindholmen by car.

Parking info & map (Swe)

From the bridge "Götaälvbron" or the tunnel "Tingstadstunneln"

Drive towards the Norra Älvstranden to Lindholmen. Turn right under the railway, towards Lindholmen. Then take the first left onto Lindholmsallén. This is the main road leading up to the main building.

From the bridge "Älvsborgsbron"

Drive towards Norra Älvstranden through the tunnel "Lundbytunneln". Follow the signs towards Norra Älvstranden and later Lindholmen.

From the E6 northbound, E20 or highway 45

From Stockholm drive towards Oslo and follow the signs towards Hisingen/Hamnar and Norra Älvstranden/Lindholmen. Take right towards Lindholmen. Turn left onto Lindholmsallén. This is the main road leading up to the main building.

From E6 Southbound you simply follow the sign Norra Älvstranden and later to Lindholmen.