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Network at Lindholmen

Lindholmen Science Park run and participates in a number of networks. Several external network hold their meetings at Lindholmen. Below is a selection of networks at Lindholmen.

CEO Network

Participants are CEO:s from the larger companies at Lindholmen and some of the smaller owners of Lindholmen Science Park. The forum provides an opportunity for deeper information on Lindholmen Science Park's operations and strategic decisions.

Contact: Niklas Wahlberg,

Communications Group

Lindholmen Science Park operates a network of communication staff in business and academy that are represented at Lindholmen Science Park. The network aims to increase cooperation between the organizations. Representatives from the major companies participate.

Contact: Ann Rinaldo,

Lindholmen Connected

Lindholmen Connected is a unique opportunity to network and share experiences with companies within Transport, ICT and Media at Lindholmen Science Park. We invite business leaders, designers, project managers, contractors, EU experts and vehicle specialists.

Contact: Ann Rinaldo,

Visual Arena Members

For stakeholders within visualization, we offer membership in Visual Arena Members. It is a network for those who have an interest in visualization, both customers, suppliers, developers, researchers or funders. We seek to create a dynamic network, with a mix of members from industry, academy and public sector.

Contact: Åsa Andblad,

West Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce has long been a meeting place for the west Swedish business community. Each year, 1,400 individuals meet in the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce's business network to inspire, develop and generate business.

Contact: Anna Ternstrand,

Real Estate Network

Several property owners within the Lindholmen Science Park area are represented in the real estate network. The forum provides an opportunity to discuss common strategic decisions affecting the whole area. Property owners that are included are: Chalmers Fastigheter, Älvstranden Utveckling, Eklandia Fastighets AB, Skanska and SGS (Foundation of Gothenburg Student Housing).

Contact: Niklas Wahlberg,

Principal Network

Lindholmen Science Park participates regularly in "Älvis", a network with the principals of the secondary schools at Lindholmen. The network is a forum for exchange of information where issues are discussed, for example, involving the further development of the Campus Lindholmen, joint marketing, traffic and field trips.

Lindholmen Meetings

Lindholmen Meetings is a collaboration between Lindholmen Science Park, Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel and Lindholmen Conference Centre. Together, we can accommodate conferences and events for up to 1,400 guests in an innovative environment by the riverside in central Gothenburg. 

Contact: Caroline Karlsson


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