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AI Sweden at Internetdagarna 2023

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Welcome to three seminars on AI in Sweden as part of Internetdagarna!

Sweden and AI

AI Sweden hosts a track about Sweden and artificial intelligence at this year's Internetdagarna, on November 20. We are planning for three hours that start at the national level and end with learnings from AI projects. We will also talk about AI on the organizational level. 

Panelists include Peder Blomgren (AstraZeneca), Viktoria Josefsson (Arbetsförmedlingen), Emma Leeb-Lundberg (Scania), Maria Vikingsson (Västra Götalandsregionen), Nasim Farrokhnia (Microsoft), Dan Nordell (Skatteverket), Åse Andersson (Linköpings kommun), Ylva Christiansson (Friends), and Victoria Kennett (Folkbildningsrådet). Moderated by Anders Thoresson. Also participating are AI Sweden's Martin Svensson, Rebecka Lönnroth, and Filip Kjellgren.

Note: The majority of the conference will be in Swedish