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Drive Sweden Forum


On March 16, we welcome you to a new Drive Sweden Forum, which will be held online this time around. We have a strong lineup of interesting and useful project results ready for you, in different areas but with the common denominator that they contribute in different ways to more sustainable mobility and a more efficient transport system. We are also happy to present a keynote from front runner nation Norway.

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Drive Sweden


Paving the way for automated driving in a front runner nation – Norway
We are delighted to present Ingrid Dahl Hovland, Director General of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) as the keynote speaker for Drive Sweden Forum. Norway has come a long way when it comes to automated driving and is considered to be at the forefront of enabling new technology. What are their success factors and what do they see as pivotal to drive development in an efficient and safe way?

Project results

During the Drive Sweden Forum, a number of projects will present their results. In different ways, they have all contributed to exploring solutions for digitized, more efficient or more sustainable mobility solutions.

The project results that we will take part of relate to the themes of:

Smart, connected and autonomous mobility solutions for rural areas
What potential is there in using autonomous vehicles in rural areas and how can we find flexible and sustainable business models for passengers and PTOs?

Next generation mobility solutions for real estate owners
How the landscape for parking can be changed by designing attractive mobility services and solutions promoting a flexible mindset on mobility and increased use of e-bike pools. And ways to find viable business models backing the shift.

Optimizing mobility solutions and transport by using data
How can we use connected vehicles and data on how people move around in the city to create a more effective mobility system?

Traffic rules of the future
How do our traffic rules need to be digitized in order for them to support the digitalized mobility revolution leading to a safer, more efficient transportation system?

Roadmaps for a more automated future
What is needed for a wider introduction of automated and autonomous vehicles? How can we make different autonomous vehicles communicate with each other and how do we need to update the business models for automated transports?