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Welcome to Uni3 Fire & Safety Day!

Uni3 Theatre, Pumpgatan 1, Gothenburg

For both companies as well as individuals. Meet experts in the following four areas: Virtual Reality Fire Trainer, CPR, Mental Health lectures in the Auditorium and Fire & Safety.

Arranged by: 
Uni3 by Geely
Tre personer övar HLR på övningsdockor

Who: For both companies as well as individuals. Meet experts in the following four areas:

- Virtual Reality Fire Trainer

VR Fire Trainer simulates the process and effects of different types of fire, smoke. Here you have the opportunity to test the training experience.


You will have the opportunity to try CPR and ask questions to Petra Rönnerman who is a instructor at Securitas in the field.

-Mental Health lectures in the Auditorium - 10.00 & 13.00

Over 50% of all sick leave is due to problems with mental health. With the right knowledge, we can reduce this at companies. Listen to Jonnie Thomsson, Subject Matter Expert and Head instructor at Securitas, and learn more about how we can prevent this in the best way. These two lectures are in Swedish and follows Swedish standards and last for one hour each.

- Fire & Safety

You have the opportunity to ask questions about what kind of fire protection that you can have privately. Various fire products are also displayed here. We also give you an insight in to Systematic Fire Protection (SBA) in order to prevent accidents and fires and minimize the consequences if the accident occurs.

Also, meet our Uni3 Security Manager Elin Jungnell Blom.

For more info, please contact Martin Renström: