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Borderless traffic safety research - setting the plan towards 2030, seminar #2

How can we in the research community together continue to utilize the opportunities that come with the UN Conference and the Stockholm Declaration? Welcome to a SAFER and Chalmers Area of Advance Transport online seminar "The outcome of the UN Conference on road safety and the Stockholm declaration - Implementation of the nine recommendations supporting the new UN resolution and Agenda 2030"

As an independent endeavor, the road safety movement is limited in potential reach and influence. Positioned as a special interest, road safety is often subordinate to other social needs and can gain progress only where it can achieve attention by road users or those who make decisions about roads and vehicles. But if recognized as a basic necessity that can facilitate progress in meeting social needs ranging from gender equity to environmental sustainability, the potential of road safety can be greatly expanded. 

Integrating road safety among the Sustainable Development Goals is an important step toward embedding road safety expectations and activities in the far-ranging daily processes of governments and in the operations of corporations, businesses and civic organizations globally. Substantial levels of such widespread integration have yet to be achieved but have the potential to expand interventions to a scale where road deaths and serious injuries would be reduced to near zero.
This seminar will cover ideas on how road safety can come out of the little corner it's been put in and how this in turn will give opportunities for the research community.

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Arranged by SAFER and Chalmers University of Technology.