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Child Occupant Protection seminar - Latest knowledge and challenges in future mobility

SAFER invites to a whole day seminar on the latest research on child occupant protection. You are welcome to attend the fifth biannual seminar Child Occupant Protection - Latest knowledge and challenges in future mobility.

About fifteen international researchers will share their state-of-art child safety research, discussing future opportunities, with the target to set the future agenda for child occupant protection. We want to create a positive dialogue between all different experts, researchers and users involved in child safety in cars. The focus is on children aged 4-12.


8:30   Registration

WelcomeLotta Jakobsson, Mats Svensson, SAFER, Sweden

User-driven design of child restraint information – Julie Brown, NEURA, Australia

Protection of rear seat occupants in frontal crashes – Jessica Jermakian, IIHS, USA

Boosters that don’t boost – a belt fit study – Matthew Reed, UMTRI, USA

10:05   Coffee break

Influence of CRS fit and effects on adjacent seat positions in side impacts
John  Bolte, Ohio State Univ., USA

Child movements in swerving maneuvers – Valentina Graci, Children’s Hospital of  Philadelphia, USA

Design of a belt retractor to better represent in-vehicle response when  conducting sled tests – Suzanne Tylko, Transport Canada, Canada

Promoting child safety in cars in China: How to address extended rear facing installation – Farid Bendjellal, Britax, Germany

12:20   Lunch


Multi-country questionnaire study on preferred seating configuration and  positions in AD for families - Sjaanie Koppel, Monash Univ., Australia

Design specifications and use cases for autonomous vehicles: a focus group study of parents and children – Kristy Arbogast, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

Challenges in future cars  - increased automation and shared mobility – Katarina  Bohman, Volvo Cars, Sweden

14:30   Closing remarks

14:45   End of seminar

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Arranged by SAFER.