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Cybersecurity – a mapping of the West Sweden ecosystem

Gain insight from the latest mapping of the West Sweden ecosystem and listen to some key actors.

Welcome to a one hour seminar where we give an insight in a few of the companies of the Gothenburg region that are specialized in working to improve different aspects of cyber security and security online.

  • Introduction to the area
  • Mapping of interesting actors in the Cyber Security area in the Gothenburg Region, Johan Hogsved, Haw & Co
  • Why Solve a Problem You Don´t Even Know You Have? by Anna Borgström, head of NetClean
  • CyberSecurity - a matter of life and death, by Stefan Simonsson, regional manager for CyberSecurity at Combitech
  • Panel discussion and Summing up

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Arranged by Business Region Göteborg & Lindholmen Science Park.