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Diagnosis of Alzheimer's with Magnetic Resonance and artificial intelligence

Come and listen to Chalmers research students presenting their latest research work for you. You don’t need previous knowledge about the students’ research topic and will get a glimps of the latest.

The popular science presentation is a mandatory element in the doctoral education at Chalmers. You will take part of the newest scientific results and ideas and the researcher will present the work for a public environment in a language that anyone can understand. This will make this new research visible in an accessible way to a broad audience. 

Four presentations will be held:

Brain Disease Diagnosis from MRIs using Artificial Intelligence
Presenter: Chenjie Ge 

Energy efficient comfort cooling
Presenter: Peter J Filipsson

An eye for transparent hydrogen gas
Presenter: Iwan Darmadi, Department of Physics, Chalmers University of Technology

A stochastic model of cavitation inside injector nozzles of internal combustion engines
Presenter: Boxiong Chen

16.00 Introduction Dome of Vision
16.05 – 17.30 Research presentations

All presentations will be held in english.

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Arranged by Chalmers/Dome of visions.