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Elden i stadsrummet

How do we work for a sustainable city from a fire perspective?


Dome of Visions welcomes to an interactive lecture with the Rescue Service of Greater Gothenburg on the risks associated with fires in our cities and how we work preventively with them. Urban communities are growing stronger and everything indicates that the trend will continue for a long time to come. Here are sustainable aspects such as that we can, for example, build on the height, save usable land or get better ground for public transport that allows more people to leave the car. At the same time, the earth is getting warmer, the climate more dramatic and the need to fire-proof buildings and cities an even more important aspect. There was a sustainable breakfast and a live forum around the collaboration for a sustainable and fire-safe city.

We take a historical look back and a future look at the city's structure. How is today's sustainable urban planning done? How do we interact in the city around the fire issue? Do we have the right skills? And what have we learned about crises / management that we bring into the future city?

Arranged by Dome of Visions.