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Lindholmen Connected - Test the Future's Mobility Solutions at Lindholmen

LIMA - Lindholmen Integrated Mobility Arena is a mobility project for everyone who works at and in the vicinity of Lindholmen. In a pilot incorporating various forms of transport and parking in a smart service, LIMA's objective is to simplify local and regional travel, increase accessibility at Lindholmen and contribute to a more sustainable city. Take the opportunity and register to show your interest in participating with LIMA 15 March!

LIMA is a mobility project for everyone who works at and in the vicinity of Lindholmen. On 15 March you can participate in LIMA and learn about what it is and how you can be a part of LIMA.

You will be able to use public transportation, rental bicycles, electric scooters and taxis. Moreover, you will have access to shared cars via a public car pool and company cars. You can also share your own car and pay for parking. All in one service.



12:00 Panel discussion with the speakers listed below

12:30 Opportunity to visit the various exhibitors and sandwiches and coffee will be served


Hans Arby, CEO UbiGo
Maria Stenström, CEO Göteborgs Stads Parkering
Mikael Kilter, CEO Move About
Sofia Löfstrand, LIMA Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park (moderator)

HansMaria and Mikael represent three of the 19 organisations contributing to the LIMA service and implementation of the pilot which starts in November. Together with Sofia, Project Manager for LIMA, the panel will explain more about the LIMA service and why combined mobility is important for sustainable travel.


  • UbiGo develops the LIMA app for the combined mobility service which will be tested during the pilot phase.
  • Move About leads the work for car sharing in the LIMA project and will explain more about how car sharing will be part of the LIMA service.
  • Göteborgs Stads Parkering is responsible for the mobility hub that is in development for promotion of sustainable travel during the LIMA pilot phase. 
  • Ericsson is responsible for connected cloud-based supporting services which connect the ecosystem in LIMA and provide supporting services for LIMA's users. 

Meet UbiGo, Move About, Göteborgs Stads Parkering and Ericsson to learn more about the LIMA service!

Register here

Learns more about LIMA here

Meetings that stimulate business
Lindholmen Connected is a unique opportunity to network and exchange experiences with companies within transport, ICT and media at Lindholmen Science Park. We are inviting business leaders, creators, project managers, contractors, vehicle specialists and many more. A keynote speaker will kick off each event an

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