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Lindholmen Open Day 2018

The 13th of September there will be a variety of exciting activities going on at Lindholmen Science Park and lots of network opportunities - Company- and vehicle exhibition, innovative lectures and much more!

The day starts at 09.30 at the Dome of Vision, and continues with Food for Thoughts (lectures on innovative collaboration projects) and a company exhibition and ends with Lindholmen Stafetten, which begins at 18.00.

No registration needed and entry is free!

09.30 - Digital trends in the construction industry - Dome of Visions, Lindholmsplatsen

10.30 - Commercial cultivation of vegetables at Lindholmen, is it possible? - Dome of Visions, Lindholmsplatsen

11.00 - Official Welcome & The corporate exhibition starts in the pedestrian street - Lindholmspiren 3 - 5

11.00 - 15.15 Food for thoughts - Short lectures on innovative collaboration projects, ongoing in Älvrummet - Lindholmspiren 3 - 5
This part of the program will be held in Swedish, so please see the full agenda for Food for Thoughts here

11.00 - 16.00 Open house
Are you interested in being part of today's programs by having an open house acitivity?
- contact Caroline Karlsson

13.50 - Fika will be served in the pedestrian street and Älvrummet

15.15 - Linbanan to Lindholmen- What happens next? - Dome of Visions, Lindholmsplatsen

16.00 - Lindholmen Open Day ends

18.00 - Lindholmenstafetten starts sign up yourself, your colleagues and your organization today

In addition this day:
08:30 - 11:30 - Cyber Security-seminar
Arranged by Region Västra Götaland, Trustech, Lindholmen Science Park and Business Region Göteborg
Venue: Demostudion, Lindholmspiren 3 - 5
Read more and register

If you would like to know more about Lindhomen Open Day and / or want to join or exhibit or contribute to Food for thoughts, contact:

Caroline Karlsson
Phone: 0702 68 07 72

Arranged by Lindholmen Science Park.