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Lindholmen Open Day 2018

The 13th of September a variety of exciting activities will be available at Lindholmen Science Park - Company Exhibition, lectures and much more!

The day begins at 11.00 with Food for Thoughts (seminars on innovative collaborative projects) and company exhibition and ends with Lindholmen Stafetten, which begins at 18.00.

No registration needed and free entry!

11.00 - The corporate exhibition starts in the pedestrian street - Lindholmspiren 3 - 5

11.00 - 15.00 Food for thoughts is ongoing in Älvrummet - Lindholmspiren 3 - 5

11.00 - 16.00 Open house
Are you interested in being part of today's programs by having an open house acitivity?
- contact Caroline Karlsson

14.00 - Fika will be served in the pedestrian street and Älvrummet

16.00 - Lindholmen Open Day ends

17.00 - Lindholmen Stafetten arranges a quiz in L's Resto

18.00 - Lindholmenstafetten startssign up yourself, your colleagues and your organization today

More info comes after the summer!

If you would like to know more about Lindhomen Open Day and / or want to join or exhibit or contribute to Food for thoughts, contact:

Caroline Karlsson
Phone: 0702 68 07 72

Arranged by Lindholmen Science Park.