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Lindholmen Open Run

A wonderful and healthy activity for you and your co-workers! Lindholmen Open Run 2021 is a virtual relay that is aimed at companies and groups of friends and is part of Lindholmen Open Day.

You who have been around for a while know that many of us usually run the Lindholmen relay, but this is not possible this year. But then there is instead Lindholmen Open Run. So gather now and sign up - you can both walk and run, be two, three or four, as long as you get around!

The relay consists of 4 distances that are 2.5 km each. You can be 2, 3 or 4 team members and can run wherever and whenever you want, sometime during the week with Lindholmen Open Day, 13 - 19 September.

Price: 650: - / team
The price also includes a lunch at L's kitchen for 4 people for the teams that carry out the relay.

More info & registration

And here you'll find....

More info & registration for (in swedish) Lindholmen Open Day

Arranged by Lindholmen Oper Run.