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Product Streams with Scaled Agile Framework

Hosts for this MeetUp is Biner who will offer their office space, a drink and a snack.

Jesper Gunnarson is a SAFe Program Consultant and Release Train Engineer (RTE), consulting at Volvo Connected Car. At this Meetup Jesper will present an insight to the ongoing agile movement – going from Waterfall Project Management to Agile Product Management with SAFe.

We will discuss several important questions e.g. insourcing vs outsourcing, Business and IT working together (DevOps), however there is a change in the PO Role in Scaled Product Management, and the organizational structure when departments is going away.

Jesper has been a Biner Consultant for 6 years and have over 20 years’ experience in the IT Business. He is a member in Mensa and President in the Swedish MMA Federation.

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Arranged by Biner.