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Women talk by Cybercom

Annika Nordlander is heading up the Swedish organization at Cybercom responsible for some 70% of Cybercom´s total business.

In our first "Women talk" Annika shares her story - from the student years, through her founding of the very succesful company Dfind, to what brought her here today. Although she has had an amazing career, we will also get inspired from her life as a whole; what choices and challenges has she faced? And what can we all learn from those?

Women talk concept - we constantly work with celebrating diversity and in that - aim to enable a better gender mix based on equality. In so doing, one of our key findings is that we as women need forums where we are inspired by other women who has succeeded. The role models in the IT industry are unfortunately hard to come by. Our women talk series is our humble effort in providing such an arena where we will invite successful women to share their stories in a more intimate setting. 

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Arranged by Cybercom group.