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Future Mobility

Enabling collaboration to speed up sustainable mobility innovation

An initiative by Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency.

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Future Mobility Explained

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Sustainable mobility for everyone needs to happen faster. To accelerate the current pace, Future Mobility connects Sweden with the US to exchange ideasknowledge and competence in sustainable mobility. Through on-the-ground presence and deep insight, the initiative matches key stakeholder needs with available resources in both countries.

Do you want to innovate for sustainable innovation by collaborating with the best actors on the market? This is the place for you. 

Future Mobility focuses on cases with clear bilateral value and high potential impact and welcomes a broad range of actors and perspectives to drive ground-breaking innovation projects, interested, get in touch via the form! 

Sweden – US collaboration to speed up sustainable mobility innovation

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Future Mobility focuses on cases with clear bilateral value and high potential impact and welcomes a broad range of actors and perspectives.

The initiative comes from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, and is managed by Lindholmen Science Park. An international steering group provides guidance and support to prioritize the efforts.

Steering committee

To support and challenge the Future Mobility team a steering group has been formed. They can provide deep insight into many opportunities in Sweden and the US.

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Keith Brandis

Volvo Group
VP Partnerships & Strategic Solutions
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Jessica Alba

Stanford Transportation
Director of Policy
En man i kostym som småler in i kameran. Bra belyst ansikte mot en grå vägg.

Tore Johnsson

Luleå Science Park

Funding innovation projects within sustainable mobility

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Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency, is offering funding for pre-studies and smaller projects to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility. The funding will nudge the best of Sweden and the US together to create sparks of innovation.

Future Mobility is looking for ideas that provide three wins:

  • Win 1 – Clear value to both Sweden and the US
  • Win 2 – Measurable potential to reduce climate change
  • Win 3 – Inclusive, leaving no-one behind

Apply for funding for pre-studies or smaller projects before the 15th of September 2022

  • Pre-studies

Do you have an idea for a pre-study that explores the complementary strengths of Sweden and the US? Future Mobility will fund pre-studies that explore this theme and highlight the collaboration opportunities waiting to explode.  

  • Smaller projects

Future Mobility offers smaller projects funding to experiment with the power to snowball. 

Do you want to know more about Future Mobility? 

Hans Pohl

Hans Pohl

Project Manager
Responsible Sweden
Picture of Anders Dahlén

Anders Dalén

Project Manager
Responsible USA
Caroline Karlsson

Caroline Karlsson

Communications officer
Carl-Fredrik Hansson

Carl-Fredrik Hansson

Communications Officer Visual Arena

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