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Lindholmen Science Park AB

Research, business and education

Visiting address

Lindholmspiren 3-5


Box 8077, 402 78 Göteborg

Main track

Research, business and education


031-764 70 00


About the organisation

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education within the areas Transport, ICT and Media.
Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where industry, academy and public sector can run research and development projects. For almost 15 years we have been creating successful collaborations and innovations. 

Open Arena Lindholmen is an environment and our concept of running collaborative projects. People working within Lindholmen Science Park's focus areas meet at Open Arena. There are scientists, project managers, business managers, vehicle specialists, EU experts, students, designers, artists, specialist, entrepreneurs and politicians. 

Lindholmen is Gothenburg's most knowledge-intensive and growing area. Today 21 000 people work, study or live at Lindholmen. Our vision is that the figure shall be 30 000 people by 2020.

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