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This is a project with a mission to help Ukrainian refugees to enter the labor market in Sweden as soon as possible. The strength in our joint network can help create possibilities and inclusion, at the same time as many organisations can benefit from new competence.

A job is a source of inspiration, confidence and security. It breaks borders and provides financial independence, which is currently very important for Ukrainians fleeing the war. The project’s primary mission is to help Ukrainian refugees to enter the labor market in Sweden as soon as possible and to bring back financial stability for Ukrainian families. 

Organizations behind this initiative and our main activities

Project #CareConnectWithUkraine is run by Mariya Melnyk at Lindholmen Science Park, in close cooperation with Help Ukraine Gothenburg, International House Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland. Together we arrange a series of mini-job fairs to match together job seekers and potential employers. Thus, two successful job fairs have been already conducted in hospitality and IT/Business spheres, where at least 30 participants have found jobs. 

Besides, we also work closely with employers, societal and governmental organizations to identify needs and gaps that we can address within the project.

Here is a short list of our main activities and events ongoing:

  • Online and on-site CV workshops
  • Job fairs conduction
  • Support in the process of searching and applying for a job
  • Info meetings about the job market in Sweden
  • Support with integration into Swedish society
  • Speaking clubs to improve language skills among the refugees


I see a value in using the strength we have as a collaboration platform, and how we can contribute to this initiative. Through our extensive network of companies, we can quickly mobilize contacts and connections to those who can and want to get a job. We have in this a clear and concrete support from our owners, says the CEO of Lindholmen Science Parks, Tord Hermansson.

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