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Networks on Lindholmen Science Park

We run and take part in a number of networks at Lindholmen Science Park in order to jointly create a progressive environment and to leverage one another’s knowledge. In addition to these, several other external networks hold their meetings in the area.

Lindholmen Connected

Lindholmen Connected

Lindholmen Connected is a unique opportunity to network and share experiences with companies within Transport, ICT, AI and Media at Lindholmen Science Park. We invite business leaders, designers, project managers, contractors, EU experts and vehicle specialists.






In Lindholmen Science Park's CEO network, there are several decision makers from the larger companies established in the area, the smaller owners of Lindholmen Science Park AB, as well as university and college executives. This forum provides opportunities for deeper information about Lindholmen Science Park's activities and strategic decisions.




nätverk på området

Communications Group

Lindholmen Science Park operates a network of communication staff in business and academy that are represented at Lindholmen Science Park. The network aims to increase cooperation between the organizations. Representatives from the major companies participate.






Among the 400 companies operating in the area there are many touch points, and among these are HR issues and recruitment. What are the important challenges for those who, among other things, manage the soft values at work? Welcome to participate in the network which is aimed at HR managers in companies, both with and without a specific HR function.

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Real Estate Network

Several property owners within the Lindholmen Science Park area are represented in the real estate network. The forum provides an opportunity to discuss common strategic decisions affecting the whole area. Property owners that are included are: Chalmersfastigheter AB, Älvstranden Utveckling AB and Castellum.