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The 3rd job fair for Ukrainian refugees attracted the most visitors so far

On June 7, #ConnectWithUkraine arranged their 3rd job fair. The event attracted almost 160 jobseekers, who had the opportunity to meet interested organizations and companies during a day.

On June 7, #ConnectWithUkraine arranged their third job fair, this time here at Lindholmen Science Park. The idea, which was started by Mariya Melnyk, Lindholmen Science Park, and Lovisa Bohlin, International House, is primarily aimed at Ukrainian refugees to help them find work as quickly as possible. At the same time there is a great need for competence in several industries. which Lindholmen Science Park wants to help fill. This week's job fair, which was the most well-attended so far with around 160 visitors, focused on the hotel, restaurant and other service industries.


Oksana Sribniak, who was working as a surgical nurse in Ukraine, chats with Mathias Bjurmalm, RestaurangAssistans. Mariya Melnyk assists with interpretation.

- We are a staffing company in the restaurant industry, says Linda Soovik from RestaurangAssistans. We participated in the last job fair as well, and met with several great candidates. We hired six of them already, and we have very high hopes this time too!

- Getting a job is crucial in so many ways, says Mariya Melnyk, Lindholmen Science Park. Both for having something meaningful to do and to be able to support yourself, but also for learning the language and building your own network of contacts in the new country.


Svitlana Norets gets advice from Nigar Ibrahim and her colleguea from YESBOX

Someone who agrees with that is Svitlana Norets, who worked as a volunteer interpreter during the fair. Svitlana recently fled Ukraine due to the war and is now looking for work here while learning Swedish.

- I have a long experience from working as a communications advisor back in Ukraine, says Svitlana. I hope that I will soon be able to work with similar tasks for Gothenburg.

Svitlana took the opportunity to talk to Nigar Ibrahim on YESBOX, which is a resource for those who have an innovation or business idea, and are considering starting their own business.

In addition to the participating companies, the visitors could also talk to representatives from the Swedish Tax Agency who informed companies about what applies when employing Ukrainians, the VGR Academy which gave an introduction to the Swedish healthcare system and Swedish language courses for healthcare professionals from other countries. the adult education in Stenungsund for those who want to work with Ukrainian children in Swedish schools, International House who work international talents in Gothenburg, and organizations who work with financial support around employment of ukrainians.

Organisers are Lindholmen Science Park together with Region Västra Götaland, Business Region Gothenburg, International House and the non-profit organization Help Ukraine. If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact: