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CampX by Volvo Group - a new innovation hub for the transport industry

The Volvo Group has a legacy of being at the forefront of developing and transforming the transport industry. The ambition is that the introduction of CampX by Volvo Group – a concept for innovation and collaboration, will maintain and strengthen that position for the future.
Picture: Volvo

"By establishing CampX by Volvo Group we will drive the transformation to new disruptive business models and technologies, with a focus on automation, electromobility and connectivity. At CampX, we will explore and accelerate new ideas using an entrepreneurial mindset. CampX will serve as an enabler for a cultural change across the complete Volvo Group, where innovation will be even more at the center of what we do,” says Martin Lundstedt, Volvo Group President and CEO in the press release.

The world is currently facing many challenges where new technologies combined with new business models have shown potential to contribute to greater societal sustainability, less congestion and better accessibility. CampX will provide a perfect arena to exploit this potential and for Volvo Group to stay ahead as one of the most innovative companies in the transport industry.

Read the full press release from Volvo Group