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Chalmers students behind new application for iPhone

One of Sweden's best-selling quiz, MIG (Mobile Intelligence Games), is being released as an application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Behind the application are two students from Chalmers University Masters Program in Interaction Design Lindholmen. The goal was to make a different ex-job with iPhone developers at the company inUse.
- We have developed a computer game which is designed as a classic parlor game rather than a conventional computer games, says Kalle Landin, one of the students.

It was during spring that he and friend Olof Göransson contacted inUse consulting firm to do their thesis for education at Chalmers University Masters Program Interaction Design. After evaluating over 100 ideas, they decided to develop an iPhone version of the popular quiz game MIG.

- We thought it would be fun to try to transfer the parlor experience to the mobile phone. MIG makes the perfect iPhone app because the basic idea from the outset is that the game should be easy to bring.

Compete Now, the company behind MIG, was immediately positive to the Chalmers students´ idea. Throughout the process of developing applications was user experience in focus. Early observations were made of people playing the physical MIG-game and during development different design solutions were tested. User testing lead to dice down by shaking the phone and that you can browse the question cards. To preserve the freedom of the original game is the application designed so that the players themselves decide the game. The phone is sent between players who study questions for each other and put check points in the block.

InUse is one of Europe's largest companies specializing in usability and power-driven design with offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.