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Continue to collaborate for future opportunities

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Never has collaboration been as important as it is now. Various measures are currently being taken to support the Swedish economy and mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Within the innovation system, we can contribute by continuing to look ahead. "We need to find and establish new ways and forms to quickly get the pace up once the situation has stabilized," says Tord Hermansson, CEO of Lindholmen Science Park.

“The spread of the corona pandemic creates a strong need for information exchange and a neutral collaboration engine,” says Tord Hermansson. In addition to the individual responsibility we all need to take, by following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency, we can together find new areas to work with that can help Sweden.

"Lindholmen Science Park's mission is to always work based on the needs that exist in today's society, on tomorrow's solutions. Therefore, we are always responsive to how we can contribute locally, regionally and nationally in the future, and translate it into activities and collaboration projects. For example, there will be a need for skills provision in the wake of the pandemic and thus a value of coordinating and facilitating so that community initiatives and educational programs reach relevant target groups effectively."

“We will all learn many lessons from what is happening now, so being a resource for gathering and disseminating the knowledge and insights is obvious to us as an organization,” concludes Tord Hermansson.