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First tests of electric long-haul transports underway within E-Charge

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

After preparations, technological development, and research, DB Schenker and Scania are now starting the demonstration of a fully electric heavy truck in regular traffic between Jönköping and Södertälje. This is the first logistics flow out of four within the E-Charge project, where electrified long-distance truck transports will be showcased.

Scania-lastbilen som DB Schenker kommer att köra inom E-Charge. Foto: Lindholmen Science Park.

Scania-lastbilen som DB Schenker kör inom E-Charge. Foto: Lindholmen Science Park.

Preparations to initiate long-distance truck transports with battery-electric trucks have been underway for almost three years. The goal is to demonstrate how heavy, long-distance truck transports can be electrified on a large scale, and this first, important, step will provide valuable insights for the project partners.

"For DB Schenker, the purpose is to test and gain experience with fully electric heavy vehicles in long-distance traffic. Electrification of heavy vehicles plays a crucial role in our transition to carbon-neutral transportation, and since heavy traffic accounts for the largest emissions for us, it is incredibly important," says Anna Hagberg, Head of Network & Linehaul at DB Schenker.

Long distances with heavy cargo places high demands on both the truck and the charging infrastructure

The truck now being put into operation will replace the current diesel-powered remote vehicle.

"This means that this electric truck will transport goods between the terminals in Jönköping and Södertälje during the evening and night, as well as distribute to our customers in each location along the day," says Anna Hagberg and continues:

"It places high demands on both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure."

The vehicle will be charged using ABB E-mobility's high-power chargers at DB Schenker's terminals.

Scania's most advanced technology for electric long-haul

The truck that DB Schenker will use is Scania's most advanced fully electric truck for long-haul. The truck has a capacity of 728 kWh, which equals seven batteries. The vehicle has been equipped with extra batteries to operate under Nordic conditions with a 64-ton GTW and 24 m length without charging on a distance of about 300 km.

"The vehicle is Scania's first long-haul battery-electric vehicle with this capacity. I am very pleased that we are now able to start testing with our first customers," says David Gotthardsson, Concept Leader at Scania Pilot Partner.

Reducing emissions from long-distance transports is crucial for Scania and for slowing climate change.

"The E-Charge project gives us a unique opportunity to collaborate with other stakeholders, to test and learn together. Together with DB Schenker, we are now testing solutions in real operations," says Tony Sandberg, Vice President Scania Pilot Partner.

The E-Charge Project

E-Charge is a project where 14 leading partners in sectors such as vehicle manufacturing, academia, logistics, electricity, and fuels work together to accelerate development.

"The close collaboration between different actors within E-Charge enables us to drive development and to navigate more accurately in the transition. Together, we create a clearer picture, at a system level, of what scalable solutions for electrifying long-distance, heavy truck transports can actually look like," says Gunnar Ohlin, project manager for E-Charge at Lindholmen Science Park.

"It will be incredibly exciting and interesting to learn from this pilot project. In addition to making a significant CO2 saving, it will be exciting to see how the driver's everyday life changes," concludes Anna Hagberg.