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Fredrik Sandblom is the Collaborator of the Year

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Fredrik Sandblom, System Architect and Technology Specialist at Zenseact won the honorable title of Collaborator of the Year. The motivation says: He makes other people grow and generously shares all his knowledge.

Fredrik Sandblom, Zenseact is the Collaborator of the Year

Fredrik Sandblom, Zenseact, is the Collaborator of the Year.

This year marks the fourth time someone has won the prestigious award, with the aim to highlight individuals in the Lindholmen Science Park ecosystem that stimulates the innovative spirit of the area.

- "To me collaboration is a fantastic way of working. Not only does collaboration leverage our different strengths, it also a lot of fun, provides perspective, and helps building long term relations between people and organisations. It is my experience both at Zenseact and at SAFER that, by collaborating, we accelerate reaching our own goals but also help others reach theirs – thereby creating a strong and competent local community. Mutual trust and common goals provide for creativity, and we have near to exchange ideas, visions, and thoughts. And what goes around comes around so in the long run we all benefit vastly from lifting each other. That is what collaboration is all about, isn’t it? " Says Fredrik, about the importance of collaborating!

The jury’s motivation was:
Fredrik is an expert collaborator! He is a network leader focusing on how to make autonomous vehicles safe, an important step in the transition to a sustainable future. In this work he knows how to engage the right people and bring them together to think, talk and deliver. He makes other people grow and generously shares all his knowledge.

-"By working together is possible to reach further faster. However, cooperation is not easy and can never be taken for granted. Fredrik is a true forerunner in the art of cooperation by his open minded attitude and his proactive way of giving to get. Fredrik is without question a worthy winner of the Collaborator of the year prize", says Martin Wahlgren, CEO at CONSAT and member of the jury.

-"That I won this title was a nice surprise that made me very happy and that I am proud of! Especially when I heard the motivation for the other nominees since they are awesome! It is very nice when someone tells you that they think you are doing something good, and I was very flattered when I heard my motivation. I am taking this as encouragement to continue seeking collaborations - a collaborative spirit makes us stronger and happier and, right now, it sure made my day!" Fredrik continues.

The finalists were Thomas Asp, Trafikverket, for his dedicated work for High Capacity Transport, and Mariya Melnyk, Lindholmen Science Park & Lovisa Bohlin, International House, for their work with the ConnectWithUkraine-project – all worthy contestants.