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Future transportation systems to be tested in Frihamnen, Gothenburg

Well-planned goods and public transportation systems are key to creating sustainable and attractive urban environments. The Dencity project will explore ways of developing innovative, sustainable transportation solutions in the establishment of new urban centres. The project is being financed by VINNOVA and will run to mid-2015.

By 2021, the Frihamnen area of Gothenburg will have 3,000 new homes, 2,000 new workplaces and a Jubilee Park. This dense and diverse neighbourhood will require sustainable and innovative goods and public transportation systems. Dencity will demonstrate and evaluate possible solutions for the new area.

“We now have a unique opportunity in Gothenburg to study the planning and building of a brand new urban centre, the first of its kind in Europe. The City of Gothenburg plans to use Frihamnen for testing and demonstrating new transportation concepts. This is where we at Lindholmen Science Park can contribute with our considerable transport expertise,” says Project Manager Lina Olsson.

The experiences from similar projects at Lindholmen Science Park, such as Sendsmart and Go:smart, have shown the importance of looking into goods transportation early on in the planning process. The project will therefore look into the organisations that are vital to have on board and map out the decision-making process, to be able to present proposals at the right time. To ensure a good flow of innovative ideas, the project will study transportation solutions from densely populated cities around the world. It is hoped that the project will greatly contribute to making Frihamnen a greener and more socially sustainable area.

“A road should not function solely as a thoroughfare but be a shared public space that meets a whole spectrum of needs. It should enhance the quality of life, be an attractive, accessible and green area that facilitate activities. To achieve that we have to find new solutions such as underground goods transportation, for example. Other ideas include electrified systems, small adapted vehicles, autonomous vehicles, or even UAVs,” concludes Lina Olsson.

Dencity is financed by VINNOVA within Step 1 of the programme Challenge-driven Innovation, Sustainable Attractive Cities.

To find out more please contact:
Maria Lindholm, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park,

Simon Ungman, Communications Officer, Lindholmen Science Park,, +46 (0)31–764 70 21