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A great interest when Lindholmen Open Day opened the doors for the second time

Lots of visitors networked, enjoyed breakfast, tested augmented and virtual reality and listened to interesting presentations and great music at the Lindholmen Open Day on September 13.

The day started with all visitors being given an opportunity to attend breakfast seminars, where they were treated to exciting knowledge from a number of companies that opened their doors for the day. 

The exhibitors included CEVT, Toyota, Volvo Group Connected Solutions / WirelessCar, Ericsson, HiQ, Radisson Blu, Consat, Lindholmen Conference Cetre, Cybercom, Prevas, Chalmers Lärande torg, Chalmers Professional Education, Fysiken, Rodin Media, Sigma, dsc_0253_1_1.jpgÄlvrummet and Lindholmen Science Park AB. There was also an opportunity to visit the stands of Born To Drive and Victa Labbs and to test both virtual and augmented reality in the Visual Arena.

Niklas Wahlberg, President, and Maria Hedlund, Vice President of Lindhomen Science Park, talked about what is happening right now at Lindholmen, everything from project activities to construction work and newly arrived operations. Towards the end of the day, the Born to Drive project was presented, as was the unique collaborative environment at Lindholmen Science Park that made the Born to Drive project and others possible. This was done in the middle of the business lounge by two of the initiators; Martin Wahlgren, Vice President of Consat Engineering, and Kent Eric Lång, Vice President of RISE Viktoria and project manager of the Vehicle ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park, together with Niklas Wahlberg and Maria Hedlund.

dsc_0400.jpgLate in the day, the event was concluded with an amazing show by the Gosskören  choir, who rendered an acapella version of 'Fast car' and a knees up for anyone who felt for it.

According to Jens Andersson, who was responsible for the Wireless Cars stand, the Lindholmen Open Day is a delightful opportunity to meet students and talk about Wireless Car.

“It’s also great fun listening to what others are presenting here today and this could lead to both future jobs and collaborative projects with companies in the building,” said Jens. 

“It’s incredible that such a fun event is happening here at Lindholmen, so vibrant, a really great atmosphere and much more people than I had expected,” expressed Andrea Slaattelia Larsson from Sigma Industry. 

“It’s a really smart way for businesses and students to meet and make contacts,” said Cornelia Andersson, Sigma Industry.