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A history of the future

Friday, November 20, 2020

During the last 20 action-packed years, Lindholmen Science Park has become a force for innovation in Sweden. This has been a development journey that many people have taken part in and have reason to feel proud of. It is also a journey that has prepared Lindholmen Science Park for the next 20 years in the service of the future.

Sweden's need for innovation and competitiveness has not come to an end. On the contrary. At Lindholmen Science Park, we are proud of what we have achieved, but our work is by no means over. There is still great demand for cooperation and innovation to create a more sustainable society, a more inclusive employment market and a more competitive international economy.

- The last 20 years have clearly illustrated the importance of a neutral cooperation arena for universities, public sector organisations and businesses. With all its extensive experience, Lindholmen Science Park creates added value by providing new contact areas and networks that build relationships, generate energy and give insights which stimulate innovation. This remains at the heart of our vision, says Tord Hermansson, CEO of Lindholmen Science Park.

We are currently facing many challenges. These include rapidly accelerating digitalisation, the move to electrification in the transport sector, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the development of society, a media landscape undergoing change faster than ever before and, from a wider perspective, the opportunities and threats to our democratic system presented by the interfaces between new technologies and communication, to name just a few.

The current coronavirus pandemic has suddenly made clear the importance of new ways of thinking. Old facts and familiar patterns have been turned on their heads and the need for alternative solutions has become acute. Against the background of these experiences and new lessons, the objective of Lindholmen Science Park is to continue to developand work towards a creative innovation climate in Sweden. Cooperation will help us to move forwards after the crisis.

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