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Interactive 3D game developed at Lindholmen

ZoinkgamesKlaus Lyngeled and his team are just now working on the final, fine tuning of a 3D game on Facebook, BillionGames. The game has been developed in 3dVia, on behalf of Dassault Systèmes.

There are many ways of spreading information on products. A less common method is to draw attention to it by creating a game. But this is what Dassault Systèmes has done in order to spread knowledge about 3dVia, software that is developed to visualise and facilitate product development - but which can just as well be used to develop games.

Klaus Lyngeled, creative game developer at Zoinkgames in Göteborg, and his team have been engaged to develop a Facebook game in 3dVia. BillionsGame, which is the first 3D-game on Facebook, will be available sometime at the end of this month. There is no charge for playing, and at the same time as the game is released, he will also issue the code.
"Anybody must be able to further develop it, introduce new players, alter environments, change the rules or whatever," says Klaus Lyngeled, who is taking advantage of the opportunity to show the game on Dassault Systèmes Nordics PLM forum in Göteborg.

Klaus seems very willing to develop games in 3dVia.
"It's easy and all the tools are readily available; you don't need to think about cameras or sound," he says.

Another assignment he has received is to present Dassaults Systèmes' new Göteborg office in 3dVia. He has based this on 3D models in Catia, and when the virtual office is completed it will be possible to walk around the rooms, see how the light shines in, look around, watch a movie or presentation, and maybe even play a game.
"A simple game can be included to make it a bit more fun; most people enjoy playing games and winning points," he says.

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