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Jan-Olof Jacke about the restart - at Lindholmen Connected

Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, gave an overview of the challenges facing the business community in the pandemic and he also talked about what reforms are required in the restart of Sweden.
Jan-Olof Jacke, vd Svenskt Näringsliv
Photo: Lindholmen Science Park

In dialogue with Tord Hermansson, CEO of Lindholmen Science Park, questions were raised about the need and demand for innovation to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

"Viable companies must be given a chance to survive. The focus is on saving as many companies and as many jobs as possible. The focus on the support has been good, but the processes must be faster so the funds come out and reach the companies," said Jan-Olof Jacke during the Lindholmen Connected webinar.

Watch the webinar here (in Swedish)