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Lindholmen Science Park in a project to combat terrorism

Lindholmen Science Park is going to help European states and authorities to reduce injury resulting from terrorist attacks. The initial stage concerns investigating how new solutions can ease crises situations.     


Bo NorrhemThe general objective of the project is to raise the level of preparedness within the EU, engage European laboratory expertise and increase the capacity to manage incidents involving chemical and radioactive substances. 
- Developing new solutions to combat terrorist activities is a prioritised area within the EU. It is important that this is done in cooperation between academies, industry and the end users in order to properly define the problems and identify the solutions, which is to say that this project suits us very well, says Bo Norrhem.

About the project
CBRNEmap is a project within research and development of methods for managing large scale terrorism involving chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive substances (CBRNE). It is part of an assignment to create new knowledge that can be used to analyse dangerous chemicals and radioactive substances. The project is being led by Umeå University and the European CBRNE Centre at the request of the EU Commission.

A sub-project to investigate the possibilities of a technical demonstrator is being run at Lindholmen Science Park. This is a one year, so called, "support action" which, in the long term, will support the work of facilitating European states and authorities to coordinate activities in the quest to reduce injury resulting from terrorist attacks involving biological and nuclear weapons.

- Our role is to lead the sub-project and specify both market, functionality and technical conditions for new systems that will facilitate efforts when incidents and crises involving different types of dangerous substances occur, says Bo Norrhem, project manager at Lindholmen Science Park.

CBRNEmap is financed by the EU's 7th Framework Programme and will run for a year as from June 2010. It is being carried out in cooperation with 14 other European entities.