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New Älvrummet opens at Lindholmen Science Park

The new Älvrummet (River Room) has opened, and the model of Älvstaden that provides a fantastic visual overview is in place together with a new digital exhibition. Here you can see how Gothenburg will develop in the future.
Photo: Kajsa Sandin

The move across the river is finished, and Maria Karlsson, Communications Strategist at Älvstranden Utveckling, is satisfied with the new premises.

“Previously, Älvrummet was like a box; now it’s more like a shop window,” she says.
“Älvrummet is designed to arouse interest in urban development in general. The room offers both inspiration and information on the urban development in progress in Älvstaden here,” says Sara Carlsson, Information Officer at Älvrummet. 

And the digitization trend is noticeable here in Älvrummet as well.
“In addition, the digital exhibit allows us to stay in constant development. It will be easier to adjust the content quickly,” Sara comments.

There will be an official inauguration week in Älvrummet, with some additional activities, in late January. 

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