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New solutions being tested on the Innovation buses

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Tests of new functions and services are in full swing on the ElectriCity collaboration's innovation bus. At the moment, tests are being conducted, among other things, on how travelers experience an extra pair of doors for boarding and disembarking and flexible surfaces where it is possible to both stand and sit.

ElectriCity's testbed for bus traffic currently houses two buses on which tests are being carried out. This is partly driven by Västtrafik's initiative Prototyp Citybuss, which aims to make future bus journeys even better for passengers.

The tests that have been initiated have their basis in a survey carried out by Västtrafik, where passengers were asked to list the aspects they consider most important for their experience of the bus journey to be as good as possible. The three aspects that ended up at the top were: personal space, smooth driving and good opportunities to move around on the bus. With this as a basis, the new functions were developed.

The Citybuss initiative is one of the traffic concepts in Målbild Koll2035, which presents a plan for future public transport in the Gothenburg area. In that document, it is stated that city buses must go directly into the city along heavy trafficked routes that do not have a tramway. Through guaranteed accessibility, often in own lanes, it is intended that the city bus routes should contribute to reaching a goal where it should be possible to have reach the city by 15 minutes.

The tests on ElectriCity's testbed will continue and expand and we are now open to weigh in your suggestions on how to make public transport as attractive, efficient and pleasant as possible.

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