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New travel service presented in Brussels

During the last three months 70 families in Gothenburg, Sweden have participated in the on-going field test of a new, innovative travel broker service. On February 18 we will present our experiences and early findings in the project Go:smart. Please join us at the City of Gothenburg European Office in Brussels.

The project bridges the gap between private and public transport by a commercial operator - a travel broker tailoring offers of daily travel to the customers' needs. The offer includes public transportation, taxi, electric car pool, bike rental pool and other electric vehicles.

Ms. Anneli Hulthén, Executive Mayor of Gothenburg, will give an introduction about Gothenburg as a smart city. Project leaders from Lindholmen Science Park will present the project and the field test as well as answer questions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the traveling service of the future.

When: February 18, 15.00-17.00

Where: City of Gothenburg European Office, Rue du Luxembourg 3, Brussels, Belgium

The seminar is free of charge. However registration is mandatory. Tea and Swedish sandwiches will be served.

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