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Nominate your candidate - collaborator of the year

Friday, April 29, 2022

Who do you think has created conditions for successful partnerships during the past year in an open and committed way? Now is the time for nominations! The collaborator of the year will be awarded during Lindholmen Open Day in September.

årets samverkare pris

The winner in 2021 was Malin Levin, SAFER. The competition was tough and the other finalists were Gang Wei, Geely Innovation Centre and Louise Larsson, Älvstranden Utveckling.

– Is there anything better than successful collaboration; where different perspectives create added value, smarter ?! If we are to be able to meet the global sustainability challenges that this planet faces, collaboration is an absolute must. The global sustainability goals are indivisible, and therefore we need to be able to work together. Last year I became the collaborator of the year, and it was incredibly fun! Do not hesitate to nominate someone for this year's award, says Malin.

Nominate someone who have realised that creative and innovative ideas can gain traction by engaging with and inspiring others. They share their experience and knowledge to contribute to development and new opportunities.

The person/team can operate in any field or sector, but in some way has a connection to Lindholmen Science Park. 

Finalists and winners will be announced and acknowledged in connection with Lindholmen Open Day on 22 September.

The jury was composed of a number of industry representatives from Lindholmen Science Park AB's owners and convened by Lindholmen Science Park AB.