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Signing of the European Road Safety Charter

Signing of the ETSC

Today was the signing of the European Road Safety Charter at Lindholmen Science Park. 20 new signatures, including Swedish companies, associations and public authorities from different industries attended the event and signed unique commitment of the European Road Safety Charter.

The event was launched by Mr Pierre Schellekens, Head of Representation of the European Commission in Sweden. Minister for Communications, Ms Åsa Torstensson, talked about the road safety policy in Sweden and thanked those who would later sign Road Safety Charter. Mr Mattia Pelligrini and Ms Isabelle Kardacz from the European Commission then gave their presentations and highlighted Sweden as a model in Europe in terms of road safety. In 2008, 397 people died on Swedish roads, which means an average of 43 deaths per million inhabitants. This figure is considerably lower than the EU average of 78 deaths per million inhabitants.

Among those who signed were the City of Gothenburg, Swedish Road Administratio, Schenker, Hertz, Goodyear, City of Malmö and City of Stockholm.

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