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Smart Grids Conference in Lindholmen

Europe smart grids

IEEE is planning to put the next major conference smart grids in the Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. Chalmers is the host and the aim is to create a tighter cooperation between Europe and North America.

The IEEE Conference will be a forum for the participants to discuss the state-of-the-art innovations in smart grid technologies. The organizing committees invite researchers, practitioners, decision makers and students, worldwide to participate and submit papers.
- My vision is that we are having this meeting can create a bridge between Europe and North America, and across political parties, government, industries, universities and students, says Lina Bertling, a professor of sustainable electrical power systems at Chalmers.

Last years conference was in Washington. Almost 700 delegates came from the academia and industry.
- It was a powerful feeling to listen to speakers who talked about the future smart grid, the same people who previously worked on the development of the Internet, says Lina Bertling about the meeting in Washington.

The conference will be held 11-13 October in Lindholmen Science Park

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