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Beta Borås

Beta Borås is a test editorial office within a research project aimed at creating new ways of producing societal journalism targeted at 25-35 year-olds. The project runs until September 30, 2018 and is a collaboration between Borås Tidning, Södertörn University, Rise Interactive and Lindholmen Science Park.

What local societal journalism attracts and is relevant to 25-35 year-olds? Between 1 March and 30 September 2018, a special test editorial office - Beta Borås - at the Borås Tidning daily is looking for answers to the question. The test editorial work is fully independent in relation to Borås Tidning's other editorial work. Borås Tidning's chief editor and responsible publisher is also the publisher for Beta Borås.

The work is based on an experimental set-up, which is unusual in media research. By following the test at Borås Tidning, we can learn more about how new forms of local societal journalism can develop and how the audience reacts.

Partners and Financing

The project's financial framework is just over 3.5 million, of which just over 2.1 million are financed externally. The Västra Götaland Region Cultural Council contributes 1.2 million and Carl-Olof and Jenz Hamrin's Foundation with SEK 950,000. The four project partners are also contributing their own effort.


Projekt start: Mars 2018
Partners and funders: Borås Tidning, Södertörn University, Rise Interactive and Lindholmen Science Park, Region Västra Götaland and the Carl-Olof and Jenz Hamrin foundation.