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BSR Electric

BSR - Baltic Sea Region - Electric is an InterReg project for the countries around the Baltic Sea and its goal is to stimulate the use of e-Mobility in all its forms. This is done by creating demonstrations with electric vehicles in eg. city logistics, electric bicycles, e-scooters, buses and ferries.

The project BSR electric aims to enhance the utilization of e-mobility in urban transport systems around the Baltic Sea Region by demonstrating potential applications of various types of urban e- mobility such as electric city logistics, e-Bikes, e-Buses, e-Scooters and e-Ferries.

Transnational pilot activities will outline how different e-mobility applications can be implemented in practice and will guide public authorities, companies, planners and transport providers in the process of integrating these into urban transport strategies. Partners in Sweden are the Urban Transport Administration City of Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park.

Read more on the BSR Electric website


Project start: Oct 2017
Funding: INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020
Partners: 15 partners and 28 associated organisations