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Xperience Next

Accelerates the Experience Industry in International Leading Innovation Projects

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Technological leaps, the pandemic and climate change challenge the business logic of the experience industry: How can we go further, do more and enable sustainable development and growth for industry players without using more resources? Projects are run here that explore what is possible and shift the knowledge of how value can be created within the framework of the planetary boundaries.

In 2022 Xperience Next is launched to gather and activate the experience industry's players in internationally leading innovation projects.

Xperience Next is an exploratory meeting place for networking, external monitoring and knowledge sharing. With the experience in focus, areas such as culture, sports, tourism, digitalisation and internationalization are explored. Here, the players in the experience industry can identify challenges and start collaborative projects to run the business of the future more successfully.

How do we do this?

The program drives cutting-edge issues that generate new insights, tools, methods and business models with the aim of creating value for many more in the next stage.

Xperience Next explores how the experience industry can increase the value of what is produced and at the same time reduce the negative impact on the planet and humans.

Together with national and international partners from business, the public sector and academia, we develop the experience industry.

Lindholmen Science Park has for over 20 years enabled collaboration for increased innovative power. It is in the tradition that Xperience Next can offer a dynamic exploratory environment. Here, the experience industry gets inspiration and synergies from other innovation programs. Together, we create the conditions for value creation and growth.



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Xperience Next kick-off

Xperience Next is an internationally attractive innovation environment, with western Sweden as a node - a dynamic meeting place for the development of the sustainable experience industry of the future...

Do you want to join?
If you and your company want to be part of driving change in the experience industry and want to participate in Xperience Next, contact us!