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Connect with CEVT

Interested in what CEVT has to offer? Take the chance to connect with CEVT recruiters at an open networking event at Lindholmen Open Area on Friday, November 25th.
Bild: CEVT

CEVT is currently looking to fill a number of positions in the area of connectivity, connected services, mobile networks, electrification, propulsion and more. They are seeking mid-level and senior people for both managerial and expert roles.


12.00 Event starts
12.30 CEVT Corporate Presentation
14.00 CEVT Corporate Presentation
15.00 Event ends

See http://www.cevt.se or LinkedIn for all available job posts.

  • Developing Cars for a different tomorrow. CEVT is an innovation center for the future cars of the Geely Group with the purpose of being at the forefront of new developments in the automotive industry. The whole industry is now undergoing a transformation with new ways of thinking about the car as a product. 
  • CEVT currently consists of some 2000 people with offices in Gothenburg and Trollhättan in Sweden. CEVT currently works on projects for the car brands Volvo Cars, Geely Auto and LYNK & CO. CEVT is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. 
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