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An electrified city - a solution for sustainable city transports

On February 18, 2014, we will be hosting a full-day seminar in the centre of Gothenburg. This will give you a unique opportunity to listen to representatives from commerce, academia and the public authorities as they present their co-operation in a project which aims at creating sustainable public transport for the cities of tomorrow, including electric buses.

Among the speakers at the seminar are leading politicians, as well as members of the ElectriCity* project: Volvo Buses, Västtrafik, Göteborg Energi, Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park.

In addition, the results from the demonstration project Hyperbus will be presented, and you will be offered a test ride through the streets of Gothenburg in this new type of bus. The seminar will be concluded with a debate between representatives from the Nordic countries, and the day ends with dinner at Börsen for all participants.

A formal invitation and additional information about the seminar will be sent out in January, but if you want to reserve a seat, you are welcome to do so now.