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Lighthouse Seminar - Why the academy should get closer to the industry

Why the academy should get closer to the industry - Inaugural lecture for Bengt Ramne

"When, where, how and why the academy should develop a closer relationship with the maritime industry", that's the headline of Bengt Ramnes Inaugural lecture for Professor of the Practice in “Concept development of ship systems and offshore installations” at Chalmers, a professorship financed by Lighthouse.

The lecture will be held on January 21.


The lecture will elaborate on how a closer relationship between the academy and the marine industry can be established through common applied development projects. This type of projects has the potential to enhance the competiveness of the marine industry and reduce its environmental impact and at the same time contribute to a broader knowledge-base for students and researchers. The lecture concludes with a discussion regarding which projects that can be started within the near future and the pre requisites for these projects. The lecture will be held in English.

After the lecture coffee and cake will be served.

Registration procedure: Please send an e-mail to: emma.aberg@chalmers.se January 17 the latest. The lecture is free of charge.