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Managing the politics of organizational change

An executive seminar with Professor David A. Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour Cranfield University, School of Management Bedfordshire, UK

Some managers regard political calculations and tactics as distasteful. Most textbooks advise managers to avoid the playing ‘the turf game’. But you can’t escape from the fact that organizations are political systems, and that change in particular is a politicized process. This seminar will demonstrate that avoidance tactics are naive and unprofessional.

This seminar will explore how you can use organization politics to improve your own change leadership and management effectiveness, and improve corporate performance, by considering:

  • the realities of organization politics
  • moves and tactics in the politics game
  • costs and benefits of organization politics
  • female-male differences in the use of organization politics
  • self-assessment of your approach to organization politics

This seminar will be informal, intensive, and highly participative, using a variety of methods including lecture, personal reflection and self-assessment, organizational diagnostic, syndicate work, open discussion, and a short video. The material will draw on the presenter’s personal experience and research, and discussion will also focus on the experiences, interests, and current responsibilities and concerns of participants.

Cost: 5950 SEK exkl. moms

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