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Smart Cities – Just Another Buzzword or Soon Reality?

Telematics Valley lunch seminar December 17th.

United Nations prediction is that 9 out of 10 persons in the developed world will live in cities in 2050. The reasons are many but the view is that tomorrow’s companies will mainly be created and based in cities where the business momentum and creativity will be highest. The service sector will grow and requirements on all forms of transportation of people, goods and data will set the pace of the growth of the city and how attractive it will be to live and work in.

One can argue the idea of speeding up the urbanization but the world around us move in the same direction like in China where the goal is that already in 2025, 900 million people, from today’s 650 million will live in cities and increase to 1 billion  in 2030. To stimulate this the Chinese government  has decided to loosen up today’s restrictions of moving from rural areas into cities to speed up urbanization.

So how can we support this development and at the same time build a more sustainable, creative and human city?

Telematics Valley will take an initiative to cultivate this process by gathering companies representing the skills and offerings of today that can support this development, to together identify true commercial Smart City business cases and facilitate activities to stimulate development through collaborations.   

This Lunch Seminar has the ambition to start up this process and give you some insights to the challenges and opportunities when moving towards Smart Cities.

To register for the Lunch Seminar please confirm by mail to jan@telematicsvalley.org