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Welcome to a seminar on intelligent vehicles with speaker Prof. Mohan M.Trivedi

Designing fully autonomous robotic vehicles which can drive on regular roads does not require models of drivers and how they interact with vehicles. In contrast, design of advanced intelligent driver assistance systems for active safety for preventing accidents requires human behavior understanding, human-vehicle interaction modeling and human intent prediction.

Title: On Human Centered Framework and Holistic Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
Speaker: Prof. Mohan M.Trivedi, LISA, Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles
University of California at San Diego, USA, http://cvrr.ucsd.edu/LISA

We will present an overview of a “human'-centered” framework for a distributed intelligent system with the driver, vehicle and environment as three key components. We will also emphasize the need and implications of utilizing a holistic approach. To learn driving behavior and to predict driver intentions and interactivity patterns, observations over long time periods of driving in a natural context were utilized. The approach necessitates/required design, development, and systematic evaluations of novel vision systems for simultaneously “Looking-In and Looking-Out” (LiLo) of a vehicle. The presentation will include discussion of selected ongoing studies and on-road experimental trials with instrumented vehicles. The presentation will conclude with some pointers to important outstanding research challenges. 


Host: Chalmers

Prof. Jonas Sjöberg, jonas.sjoberg@chalmers.se
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