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Future of Electrification

Is the electric future, possible? Is it really sustainable? Join our dynamic event and learn more about the electric revolution.

As we see new electric transportation solutions being developed, we see that there is great potential for electricity to replace liquid and solid fuels for transportation, industrial processes, agriculture and heating and cooling.

With technological advancements, automotive industry investments and state policies driving the development of electric transportation forward we see a huge number of new electric transportation solutions being developed and implemented in our every day life. It is easy to understand that there is a great potential for electricity to replace current liquid and solid fuels used in several industries.

But what challenges and obstacles stands in the way of electrification, and will it really be a sustainable solution? And why are batteries so expensive? How will electrification depend on battery development, charging infrastructure and how do we assure material sustainability. How do we cope with these key enablers? What are the challenges?

If you want to learn more about electrification and electromobility, then you are welcome to join us in a deep dive.

See you soon!

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This event is part of Gothenburg Tech Week.
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