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Startups are cool, but could be cooler

A day event focused on equality. Women in Tech Gothenburg and Dome of Visions invites the hardest working local organizations in the field of equality to share their perspective on sustainability during GbgTechWeek. – Sendify’s initiative Women’s Startup Club is invited and we are super excited!

Women’s Startup Club

WSC is an initiative powered by Sendify, starting in January 2019. WSC aims to connect women in startups and create a forum for discussions, inspirational lectures and networking in order to raise awareness and influence to efforts improving gender equality at startups in Gothenburg.

09.45-10.30 Presentation: Startups are cool, but could be cooler

Women’s Startup Club invites you to an event on Sustainable Startups: How can we improve gender equality at startups? We will share our knowledge from speaking with women working at startups in Gothenburg and discuss why an equal startup scene benefits both men and women

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This event is part of Gothenburg Tech Week.
More events at www.gbgtechweek.com


Arrangeras av Women in tech and Sendify.